Monday, November 11, 2013

Road Trip with Melanie!!!

A Gem in Orlando

    In Jacksonville, there are no stores dedicated to cake decorating. There was once a cake supply store but that closed down a couple of years ago. Sure, you have the typical crafts stores, like Michaels and Jo-Anns even stores like Walmart or Target, that sell a limited supply of cake decorating items. You also have online stores that are amazing in providing decorators with a superb amount of tools, resources and mediums for the art of cake. I love to look online for the items when I can't find them in my usual local crafting stores. But my true nature wants to see the items in person before I purchase.

    That's how I came across a little gem in the Google search. It has an online store and a physical location. It is called D & G Occassions in Orlando FL, which is about 2 and half to 3 hours away from Jacksonville. I was surprised that I've never heard of this store. I went to my Cake Central account, where there are a lot of talented Cake Artists. I did a forum search for D & G, and to my surprise, there were a lot of responses touting the greatness of this place.


    I started planning my trip. I knew I was going to Orlando, for Halloween to visit my aunt and her husband, I love visiting them.  They are so much fun to be around. It was only a matter of if I can talk my aunt into going with me to D & G Occasions while I was there. She loves to decorate for holidays, see some of her Halloween decorations below, and I knew that she would want to see this store. 


   Once we got to the store on a Saturday, I literally could not pick my jaw up from off the ground to even focus. It was like a wonderland for decorators, both home decorating and professional.  The customer service was really nice, even though it was super busy on Saturday.  So after some persuasion from my Aunt, I pushed back the day I was going to head home to Jacksonville to Tuesday to be able to go back on Monday (they are closed on Sundays), seeing how I couldn't focus through the amazement of the store. I did purchase several items on my second trip. 

And Jenn and I will be taking a road trip sometime after the holidays to this store. 

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