Sunday, November 10, 2013

Drowning in Red Velvet

Written By Jenn
I don’t know if it is just living in the south or what but, by golly there is a lot of Red Velvet lovers out there.  My son has become victim of thee Red Velvet frenzy, and has adopted the flavor as his favorite.  Today we celebrate his birthday by having a few of his friends over to paar tay.  So I have been busy whipping up my most requested cake of course the Red Velvet.

This cake will feature a gift on the top.  I usually do this for my son as he loves all things transportation related. This year he is getting a rc Mercedes SLS AMG GT.  So that will be my topper.  I will cover the cake in fondant, and spray with Duffs Cake Graffiti Spray in silver.  I use the entire can in three coats to cover a 10 inch cake.  I then piped black dots all around the border and accented each one with Wilton’s black sugar pearls.  Next I sprinkled some Willliams-Sonoma black sanding sugar on the top to accent the car I will place on top.

Finally I place the car and accent it further with glitter curly’s I bought at the dollar store.  I cut them the length I want and pull the glitter off of the ends that will be in the cake.  I then stick them in behind the car.

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