Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spin the Pin: Daisy tutorial

This week we are bringing you another gum paste flower tutorial.  These cute little daisies... Check out the original pin.

 We decided to just do the flower portion up to #4 above.  Jenn followed the tutorial as is, while Melanie put her own spin on it.  Jenn loved the flower centers #3, she felt it gave a realistic look to the flowers.  Melanie did not agree and poked her second flower center with a tooth pick, giving it a different look from the tutorial.  Melanie also chose to use a tool to shape her petals, instead of a tooth pick like the tutorial.   Here is our video on how we each translated this super cute flower.

Stay with us as we Spin the Pin again next week.  Please let us know if you find a pin on Pinterest you would like us to try out for you.


Spin the Pin: Daisies

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Spin the Pin: Two Tone Rose Tutorial

It's time for Spin the Pin... This week we made these amazing two tone roses.  Check out our video below.

Here is the original pin that was put up on Pinterest.  It is a photo tutorial, that we followed to the best of our abilities.

We each shaped the petals and rolled our roses each in our own way.  We had problems with our gum paste cracking.  This is simply caused by being exposed to the air and the gum paste drying out.  It is best to keep everything covered in plastic wrap while you are working.

We hope you like how are roses came out. Stay tuned for next weeks yummy pin.