Friday, November 8, 2013

Cupcake Cheater

 Written By Jenn
Well, It is inevitable for most chefs and creators of perfect baked goods… There is a time when we have to step out of ourselves, and use other sources.  Yes I am guilty as charged.  I am a big fat cupcake cheater… Today is my youngest birthday, I usually make cupcakes for his class, but today is different.  As we like to say here at Cake Spinners life happened…  I was swamped with homework this week and yesterday between class, and everything else the cupcakes fell through the cracks…  When hubby tucked in the little guy he said, “ I hope mommy can still make the cupcakes…” Guilt… Guilt… Guilt…

We all have a reputable grocery store where we by cakes that are pretty good.  You usually know because all the moms usually talk about how great their bakery usually is.  So I was dreading the fact I was going to have to stay up half the night making cupcakes when I realized I didn’t have what I needed, and a much more dreaded trip to the grocery store was looming.   I pulled up my big girl panties, and off I went.  I walked in the store and guess what just happened to be on display right as you walk in.  Yup, of course you know cupcakes.  Then the idea hit… So I tip toed over to the bakery hoping none of my cohorts happened to be in the store at 9pm to see me. 

The lady who works the counter was busy putting things away and preparing to close.  In my quietest voice I asked, “ Do you have any plain cupcakes that I can frost myself?”  “We have as many as you want but they are in the freezer,” she said rather loudly as I blushed, put my head down, and peered around checking for cohorts.  I quickly asked for eighteen, and waited what seemed like an eternity for her to find them in the freezer and package them up.  At this point my hubby texts me, “Are you OK???”  As in “what is taking you so long?”

Just a few more choice items and I was on my way to the check out…  The handsome check out clerk says “Wow I didn’t know they sold them like that.”  “Yeah I need them NOW, I can frost them myself…” I said  “Just slap some fluff on them and call them good right??” he said.  “I know right!” I giggled.  Little did he know I had ulterior motives where the fluff was concerned…  I made it home unseen, and Hubby says, “You’re not going to tell him you didn’t make those are you?”  “No I am not saying a word unless he does…” I say.

Today I get up early; start the mixer adding the fluff and gradually adding three sticks of butter, not margarine, and the proper flavorings.  My butter cream is done, when guess who appears in my kitchen, yup the birthday boy.  He sees the cupcakes, in my own container, and says,  “Mmm, can I taste the frosting?”  He does and while I am filling the piping bag I ask him to pick out the sprinkles he wants.  I start piping, and he sprinkles.  I am so happy to be doing this, and he doesn’t ask me a single question about the cupcakes.  Off to school he goes and I am finally relieved feeling my legacy is left in tact…

Hope you enjoyed my rambling...
If you have any cheats we would love to hear about them..


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