Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Obessed with Chai

Hi Spin-Sters!
Today is all about our obsession with Chai.  Our drink of the day is Vanilla Chai tea, and we are spinning Chocolate Chai Spice Cupcakes. We have been following The Cupcake Project for a while now and have fallen in love with the cupcakes she made on her first post, Chocolate Chai Spice cupcakes.  We put our on spin on it, as we do here at Cake Spinners, and added an Amaretto Chai Marshmallow icing to give it a little more Oomph, and used a darker chocolate.  



In the cupcakes, we used was Green & Black’s 79% chocolate, instead of a 61% chocolate the cupcakes called for. 


Instead of the original Chai Buttercream, we opted to use one of our own recipes, a Marshmallow frosting, in which we added the chai spice.




Also we incorporated Amaretto liquor as well some Triple Sec. 


You could leave the liquor out, we just felt like the marshmallow frosting needed something extra to make the flavors of the chai stand out and bring the chocolate flavors to the forefront.  


Add a sprinkle of Chai Spice.

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Chocolate Chai Spice Cupcakes

12 oz Dark or Semi Sweet Chocolate
3 Sticks Butter
2 ¼ C Sugar
1 ½ t Vanilla
8 Eggs
1 ¼ C Flour
¼ C Unsweetened Cocoa
1 ½ t Baking Powder
3 teaspoons Chai Spice Mix

Melt Chocolate.

Combine butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla.  Add melted chocolate and beat for 2 minutes.

Sift together dry ingredients; add in combining thoroughly.

Using an ice cream scoop portion batter into muffin cups.  Bake at 350 F for 14 minutes rotating half way at 7 minutes.

Amaretto Chai Marshmallow Frosting

2 Sticks Butter
16 oz Fluff
2 C Confectioner Sugar
2 t Vanilla
2t Chai Spice
1 Capful Amaretto
1 Capful Triple Sec

Cream butter.  Add Fluff. Whip together until light and fluffy. Add sugar, blending slowly.  Add in remaining ingredients whipping until light and fluffy.

Pipe onto Chocolate Chai Spice Cupcakes.

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