Saturday, December 14, 2013

Playing with Isomalt

We were so lucky to attend an Isomalt class offered by SimiCakes.  They came to Jacksonville, and taught us how to make flowers out of Isomalt.  Which is cool for us, because we don’t usually get classes this advanced in our area.

 Isomalt is a sugar alternative made from beet sugar, it comes in a crystalline form and is perfect for creating sugar decorating elements, and large freestanding show pieces.  When it is cooked and tempered correctly, Isomalt can withstand humid climates, like Florida.

Simi Cakes offers their own tempered isomalt for sale so the difficulty of tempering the isomalt has been taken care of for you.  It is easy to just melt the Ready-To-Use Isomalt Tiles in the microwave.

Working with isomalt can be very dangerous as it is very hot.  You must work with it very carefully and wear gloves so that you don’t burn your fingers when sculpting it.  If you get it on you, it can remove your skin if you try to pull it off immediately.  The best way to remove the hot isomalt from your skin is to run it under water and let it dissolve.

In this class we made a variety of flowers, and worked with some of the molds that Simi Cakes also offers for sale.  They taught us to shape the flowers, and then how to seal the isomalt so it would last indefinitely.

Here are some images of our work.

Melanie’s flowers and molds

 Calla Lily
Hummingbird Mold and leaf mold
 Bubble Flower Mold w/ a sugar transfer sheet

Jenn’s flowers 

 Calla Liliy

As you can see it was a great experience and we learned a lot. We also will be on the lookout for more classes that deal with Isomalt, because we both are hooked.  Also, pop on over to Simi Cakes to check out everything they have to offer, like free tutorials, and their online store.
We will see ya next time...


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