Monday, December 23, 2013

PINNED: Christmas Trees

Today we bring you another edition of PINNED.  This is our on going series where we try out photo tutorials on Pinterest.  This time we are going to do two different types of Christmas trees. You can do these trees in fondant like we did, gum paste, or even polymer clay. 

Jenn did the realistic tree on the left.  She really enjoyed this tutorial and had a lot of fun doing it.  It was relatively simple, as she just formed a cone and snipped branches out with her scissors.  She found she could use regular kitchen scissors as well as the cuticle scissors shown in then pin.

Melanie did a more whimsical tree on the right.  She tried to spinnn the pin by using a Hershey Kiss as the center instead of forming a cone.  This didn’t work so well, so she decided to stick to the original pin, and made an adorable rolled tree.

These trees would be great as cupcake toppers, or to bring your gingerbread houses to life.  Jenn decided to use hers to decorate her chocolate house.  Check out our trees.

Melanie’s Tree

Jenn’s Trees

Check out these pins on our Pinterest board, and we will see you real soon with more fun Christmas videos.  Until then keep on Spinnning…


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