Friday, December 20, 2013

Chocolate Holiday House


This year we decided to bring you a different type of decorated holiday house.  Instead of gingerbread, we are making a CHOCOLATE house.  We used a kit that Melanie bought at her local mega store.
 The kit came with three reusable molds to construct the house. Also inside the box, was all the chocolate you would need to cast the entire house, plus extra.  And of course candy to decorate the house just the way you want it.

 We cast our house a few days before decorating.  We followed the directions provided exactly. The first one Jenn unmolded a little early, and it came out a little rough.  So be patient as we did in the second batch, and your house will come out smooth and shiny.
 We used royal icing to decorate our house instead of the white chocolate provided.  Of course since it is Christmas, we stayed with red, green, and white royal icing.  This was so much fun hanging out, piping and decorating each of our own sides of the house.

Jenn’s side

Melanie’s side

Jenn really liked this much better than a traditional gingerbread house.  It took less work in less amount of time, and you can get right to the fun part of decorating. Melanie had fun with this kit as well...

We totally suggest you get yourself a kit and try it.


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