Friday, September 27, 2013

Drink of the Day

Drink of the Day

Citrus Breeze

This time when brewing The Citrus Breeze tea we added dried cranberries to the water before heating it.  We both drank ours unsweetened.  This is our favorite from The Spice and Tea Exchanges spring collection.

This tea is still on their website for purchase.  It is a Limited Edition flavor, and we highly recommend this one.  The citrus flavors come through so well and it has a natural sweetness that dances on the tongue. It worked very well with the cranberries and would be great in the mild fall days to come.  Order it before it goes away.  We are.

****UPDATE  The Summertime Limited edition teas are sold out!!!  We will be waiting anxiously for next June for them to be back!******

We truly enjoy bringing you our picks for Drink of the Day, if you have anything you would like us to try please comment below.


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