Monday, January 13, 2014

Moscato Cupcakes

Melanie loves her cupcakes, but this is one of her go to cupcake recipes.  She found it on Pinterest on a blog called Brooke Bakes.  It was one of her first pins, and she has been making them ever since.

We decided, since Melanie has always had problems with the frosting that we would spin it.  We used Jenn’s Swiss butter cream recipe and added Champagne extract (yes, you read right....Champagne EXTRACT) and some triple sec.

Melanie wanted to make the cupcakes more festive by serving them in a wine glass.  Jenn didn’t have any clear wine glasses, but she did have some old fashioned champagne glasses.  At first we put some pink glass stones in the bottom to give the cupcake a level place to sit. 

 But then we decided that the cupcakes sat in the glass fine without the stones.
 These came out delicious we hope you try them.  The wine and the Champagne work very well together, they are very indulgent without being too sweet.  We decorated ours with white and black pearls, great for a New Years celebration. 

We have some awesome things coming up with Valentines Day, and the Super Bowl approaching. So please stay tuned and catch us on as well.


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